M/S BTC Trading( Import, Trading & Distribution)

M/S BTC Trading( Import,Trading & Distribution):

M/S BTC Trading in an International Standard Trading, Import and Distribution Company under btc groupbd  in Bangladesh for Food Grain & Commodities, Feed Ingredients & Additives,Food Ingredients,Flavors & Fragrances.We Import and Trading around the country.












Food Grain & Commodities:

Wheat,Corn,Pulses,Peas,Beans,Oilseeds,Spices etc.

Feed Ingredients & Additives:

Feed Corn/Maize,Poultry Meal,Poultry Oil,Fish Meal,Fish Oil,Wheat Bran,DORB,MCP,DCP,Soybean,Soybean Meal,Rape Seed Meal,Limestone,Amino Acids & Additives.

Food Ingredients,Flavors & Fragrances:

Citric Acid,Testing Salt,Cocoa Powder,Cocoa Butter,Sodium Bi Carbonate,Ammonium Bi-Carbonate,Yeast,Sorbitol,Vegetable Fats,Margarine,Shortering,Desiccated Coconut,Milk Powder,Colors,Flavors etc.


Contact us:


HP/WP:+8801715835752(Local Contact)

HP/WP:+8801711868161(Foreign Contact)