BTC Limited(Bulk Fertilizer, LPG & Steam Coal Division)






A combination of food grains, commodities, feed grains, fertilizers & chemicals, steam coal & LPG Gas, oilseeds a much diversified product portfolio to cater to the needs of our valued customers. BTC Limited trades the following products as Broker/Agent in favor of the foreign companies, also importing our self.

• Food Grain & Commodities Division:
Wheat, Maize,Yellow Corn, Barley, Soya bean Meal, Sunflower, Canola, Rape seed, Mustard seed, Green Mung Bean, Black Matpe, Speeds, Sugar, Rice,Pulses, by chattered Vessel & containers shipment.

• Steam Coal-LPG & Fertilizer Division:
Urea, TSP, DAP, MOP, RP, MOP, RP by Chattered Vessel, Steam Coal by Chattered Vessel from Indonedia & South Africa & LPG Gass by Chattered Vessel.