• BTC Feed Division

    BTC Limited is an International Standard Trading Agent/Broker/Indenting Company in Bangladesh dealing with Animal Feed, Feed Ingredients & Additives to Different Feed Industries in Bangladesh.

    Feed Ingredients & Additives Division:
    Corn /Maize By Vessel & Container  Shipment.
    Soybean By Vessel & Container Shipment.
    Soybean Meal By Vessel & Container Shipment.
    Corn Gluten Meal(CGM) & Dried Distillers Grain with Soluble(  DDGS).
    Poultry Meal, Fish Meal, Fish Oil, & Wheat Bran.
    Rape Seed Meal Extraction, Soybean Meal Extraction
    Cotton Seed Extraction & De Oiled Rice Bran(DORB)
    Palm Kernel Extraction & Canola Extraction.
    Mono Calcium Phosphate(MCP),Feed Grade.
    Di Calcium Phosphate(DCP),Feed Grade.
    Limestone, Feed Grade & Sodium Bicarbonate.
    Amino Acids: L-Lysine (HCL and Sulphate), DL-Methionine 99%,L-Threonine.
    Choline Chloride 60%,Sodium Bi Carbonate

    Feed Division Contact Details:

    Manager,International Trade:
    HP, Wechat & WhatsApp:+8801711 571 7555

    Assistant Manager,International Trade:
    HP, Wechat & WhatsApp: +8801715 835 752
    Skype Id:btc-feeddivision
    Zoom Meeting: btc-feeddivision@btcgroupbd.com