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    Importing & Distributing of International Standard & Quality LED Lighting Products for Industrial & Commercial Projects. Energy Efficiency & Green Mark is our Speciality. Our Commitments is “‘Quality First”. Most of our Products have IES File and We have Professional Design Engineers for Design of your projects by Dialux Sotfware.

    BTC Lightingbd General Products List for Industrial & Commercial Lighting Solutions, Architectural & Out Door Lighting Solutions, Garden & Street Lighting Solutions are given below.

    •  LED T8 Tube Light(18-20-22 Watt)

    •  LED Tri-Proof Lamp(Aluminium Type)(20-100 Watt)

    •  LED Tri-Proof Lamp(PC-Type)(20-40Watt)

    •  LED Linear Light-Suspension(20-60watt)

    •  LED Linear Light-Continuous(20-40-30-60Watt)

    •  LED Linear Light-Trunking System(20-80 Watt)

    •  LED Linear-Big Size-New Model(50/100 watt)

    •  LED Damp Proof-LED Box Light (20/40Watt)

    •  LED Panel Light( 2×2,1x4Fit)(36 Watt,40Watt)

    •  LED Panel Light(Small Size-Round-Recessed)

    •  LED Panel Light(Small Size-Square-Recessed)

    •  LED Panel Light(Small Size-Round-Surface Mounted)

    •  LED Panel Light(Small Size-Square-Surface Mounted)

    •  LED Down Light(SMD)-C Type(3-5-7-9-12-20-30W)

    •  LED Down Light(SMD)-A Type(10-15-25-40-60W)

    •  LED Down Light(COB)-Linear(10-20-30W)

    •  LED Down Light-Suspended(80-120Watt,Airport)

    •  LED Dome Light-Surface Mounted(18/24 Watt)

    •  LED Low/High Bay-Silver Colour(60-300Watt)

    •  LED Low/High Bay-Black Colour(50-200Watt)

    •  LED High Bay-Linear-Silver Colour(50-500Watt)

    •  LED Flood Light-High Duty(100w-200w)

    •  LED High Bay-Linear-Red+Black(40-80-120-160Watt)

    •  LED Flood Light-Medium duty(10-70 Watt)

    •  LED Flood Light-(10-50Watt)-UltraThin-IC Driver

    •  LED Street Light-SS-New Model(30-40-60-80-120-150W)

    •  LED Street Light-Type-A(50-100-150-200-250W)

    •  LED Street Light-Type-G(50-100-150-200-250-300w)

    •  LED Street Light-SHOE Box Light(75-150-300Watt)

    •  LED Garden Light(30/60Watt)

    •  LED Wall Pack-Exterior(40-60-90 Watt)

    •  LED Track Light-B Type(10-50Watt)

    •  LED Track Light-D Type(10-60Watt)

    •  LED Solar Garden Light(Model-S03,6-9-12W)

    •  LED Solar Garden Light(Model-S03,12-24-36Watt)

    •  LED Solar Street Light(S-Model,10-80Watt)

    •  LED Tunnel Light(50-100-150-200-300-400Watt)

    •  LED Canopy Light(100-150-200-250Watt)